Our... Chianti Classico "I' Versoio"

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The typical flavours of our land

The name of this wine is inspired by the features of one object displayed in our permanent exhibition, a piece of farming equipment that served as a plow and made the land cultivable: the precise yet soft movement of the plow in cutting the clods reflects the distinctive and smooth taste of our Chianti Classico, matching perfectly with every exquisite dish. It comes from the selection of the best Sangiovese, Canaiolo and Colorino grapes. The vinification still follows the classic process and the wine does not undergo any filtration or chemical treatment. You will smell its intense aromas and taste hints of ripe fruit and blackberry jam. The taste is dry and fresh with a refined tannic grip which makes it a superb and persistent wine and an excellent pairing with meat dishes (both first and second courses) that are not very fatty.


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