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Vin Santo DOC “Dante”

Vin Santo bears the name of Bruscola's founder grandpa Dante, who offered anyone who came around his beloved Vinsantino. With a blend of Trebbiano and Malvasia, the vinification and aging of our Vin Santo follow the old traditional process: the healthiest grapes are hand harvested and let dry on wooden mats for 4 months. The fermentation takes place in small oak barrels (caratelli) in the vinsantaia room where it is left aging for three years. The final alcohol content is about 16°. Vin Santo is packaged in bottles of 0.5 lt. This amber coloured wine has a lively flavour. A scent of dried fruit, almonds and dried figs with a hint of honey. It provides a thick and smooth sensation in the mouth and its dry taste makes it a perfect match with biscuits or strong cheese.



Ordine minimo (pz)




24 ore

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