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Extra virgin olive oil Bruscola is available in 0,25 lt- 0,50 lt- 0,75 lt- 1,00 lt - 3,00 lt 5,00 lt containers or bulks.

The Bruscola extra virgin olive oil is one of the company's flagships. Produced with Correggiolo, Frantoiano, Moraiolo, Leccino olives, and small percentages of Mignolo and Pendolino olives. Within 48 hours from the moment they are harvested, the olives are pressed at low temperature with a continuous cycle system. Olive oil is no longer stored in the orci (terracotta pots) – on display in the family orciaia which can be visited during the tastings – but inside steel containers. When the olive oil is freshly pressed, its colour is bright green, but with the ripening it turns into a more opalescent substance with green reflections. It tastes fragrant and harmonious on the palate, with a spicy hint that weakens over time.

It is available in bulks and in bottles of various sizes or in aluminium and glass cans.


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