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IGT Toscano red table wine Bruscola 0.75 lt - BOX 3 lt - 5 lt - 10 lt - 20 lt

The basic house wine, which bears the name of the company, is produced with the remaining blend of Chianti Classico. The wine undergoes the same fermentation of the Classico wine, but it requires less aging time in wood, as it is used in the current vintage; reason why it is softer and fresher than the Classico wine and it is the perfect drink for everyday meals. It has a light red colour and a moderately strong fruit scented taste with a subtle spicy note. It matches well with light meals but also sautéed meat and fish. It is available both in bottles and in bulks, or 5-10-20 lt boxes, in order to be consumed daily, according to your own needs.



Ordine minimo (pz)




24 ore

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